Pioneering large-scale/immersive projection design processes intended to illuminate a shared soulscape through ancient physics, digital technology, and the body itself.

Commissions, inquiries | George Del Barrio 

The final evening length work in a trilogy premiered at Gowanus Loft by Rebecca Stenn Company x George Del Barrio.

Choreography and Performance: Rebecca Stenn, Quinn Dixon, Trebien Pollard, Megan Williams
Camera Obscura Projection Design: George Del Barrio
Music: Jay Weissman, Jonah Weissman, William Byrd
Motet performed live by vocalists Sharon Harms, Heather Michele Meyer, Alex McCoy and Matthew Yohn
Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann
Costume Design: Elie Weissman
Filmed 14 July 2018 by Nic Petry



Choreography & curriculum design — Kate Ladenheim
Camera obscura projection design, technical direction, cinematography & edit — George Del Barrio
Program design — Samantha Razook
“Côco Dub (Afrociberdelia)” — Chico Science & Nação Zumbi

Two performances only — 12p + 1p | 28 July 2018 @ Curious Jane Workshop — 400 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11215



Keith Haring’s legendary “ONCE UPON A TIME” (1989) bathroom mural was originally commissioned for “The Center Show”, a building-wide celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It was completed months before the artist's death at 31 years of age.

+ + +

The NYC LGBT Community Center’s Department of Arts & Culture has partnered with The Vanderbilt Republic to present a Photographic Monument in Camera Obscura — “REMEMBER THIS TIME...” (20 July—22 September 2017)

This site-responsive installation speaks to the experience of innumerable individuals who walk along New York City streets & into this building, seeking solace and community among like-minded people. KEITH HARING was one of those people, and his legacy addresses the crucial necessity of safe spaces for sexual expression and self-identification.

This installation by GEORGE DEL BARRIO is intended to highlight his masterful artistry, folding the outside world into this bathroom to create a new sense of movement and depth. Conjoining key historical moments with every object that bypasses the camera obscura’s field of view on 13th Street, it blends the seam between our cultural legacy and contemporary times.

Theatrical obscura performance cycles by SERGIO MAURITZ ANG, JAYSON P. SMITH & MORGAN SULLIVAN with direction by JENN HALTMAN: Saturday 22 July 2017, 12-5p.

Once Upon A Time, © Keith Haring Foundation. Used by permission.



“Obscura / Gowanus II” (3 March—10 June 2018)

A walk-in Photographic Monument in camera obscura by GEORGE DEL BARRIO & ASHTON WORTHINGTON

Production assistant JUSTIN HAMEL / Installation soundscape TAXIPLASM / Communications & strategy KATE HARVIE

Project space GOWANUS LOFT



Ashton Worthington Photography × The Vanderbilt Republic proudly present “RESIST” (20 March-21 June 2017) —
A 70’ rear-projection canvas overlooking Gowanus, Brooklyn and season-spanning photographic monument by GEORGE DEL BARRIO × ASHTON WORTHINGTON.

“Six Letters” by THOMAS FUCALORO

“I called his name and heard my own come back (for Phillip B. Williams)” by JAYSON P. SMITH



“The Middle Passage” is a performance art series curated by GEORGE DEL BARRIO & KATE LADENHEIM @ OPEN SOURCE GALLERY remade as a focused camera with multiple projections of the world outside as surface-mapped stages — upside-down and backwards.

28 JANUARY 2017 Elsa Waithe / 4-5 FEBRUARY 2017 Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance × Jayson Smith / 11-12 FEBRUARY 2017 Same As Sister (S.A.S.) × Intrinsic Grey / 18-19 FEBRUARY 2017 A Theatre Genesis × Dances for Solidarity feat. Chee Malabar




τέλειο σύμπαντος (“Perfect Universe”, 3 May 2014) was a photographic monument by TIM BARTLETT, GEORGE DEL BARRIO & KARL MEHRER.

This bold resurrection of the KENTILE FLOORS sign — a beloved Gowanus icon — happened after sunset on 3 May 2014 at the corner of 2nd Avenue & 9th Street. Inactive since 1992, this 7-story canvas was illuminated for one night by a pair of Digital Projection DPI Titan Super Quad 20K projectors (40,000 lumens output total). The program contains works by Ralph Ellison, Milan Kundera, Gabriel García Márquez & Henry David Thoreau.



Art From the Heart (AFTH) is an all-media installation: the embodiment of a movement towards community for artists. AFTH2013 happened 19 October 2013 at GOWANUS LOFT with curation by RENWICK HERONIMO and lighting/projection design by GEORGE DEL BARRIO.