“RESIST” ↬ 20 March - 21 June 2017


Ashton Worthington Photography × The Vanderbilt Republic proudly present “RESIST” — a 70’ rear-projection canvas overlooking Gowanus, Brooklyn and season-spanning Photographic Monument by Ashton Worthington × George Del Barrio: 


Easily visible from street level, the subway boarding platform and the Manhattan-bound swoop of the F/G trains, this digital projection is an evolving, purposeful lamp in the darkness of xenophobic fearmongering and kakistocratic greed.

We will populate this space with uplifting & exquisite creative media to express our message of solidarity emphatically, and it begins here:


This is an open call for verified translations of “RESIST” in all languages.

To allow for the transformations necessary for projection mapping, submissions must be rendered as high-resolution raster graphic on transparency.


[ Evolving, open-source projections nightly from 20 March to 21 June 2017 at Gowanus Loft ]

George Del Barrio