“M {Xnha’We}” × “Self-Love Kinda Thing” ↬ 3-6 May 2018

The Vanderbilt Republic proudly presents
ChristinaNoel & The Creature × Carlos Cruz Velázquez joining forces
to stage an unforgettable performance art double feature at 
Gowanus Loft — 

M {Xnha’We} is a solo show in six parts that explores the complex relationship between a mother and a son. Xnha’We is Mamma in the Zapotec dialect, a group of indigenous languages spoken in the highlands of Mexico. 

Says Cruz Velázquez:
“I intend for this piece to be an homage to my mother; she gave up many of her personal goals for her family. For me it is important to understand my parents’ sacrifices that allowed me to pursue my dreams.” 

Through movement, physical theater, costumes, and projections, Cruz Velázquez takes an in-depth personal journey that narrates (through abstract theatrical language), the past, present, and future of their relationship. 

Self-Love Kinda Thing is a timely dance and voice performance co-created by artistic director ChristinaNoel Reaves, visual director and composer/keyboardist Aeric Meredith-Goujon, and executive director/guitarist Cameron Mizell.

This latest blend of artistic expressions, for which ChristinaNoel & The Creature is known, touches on intimacy, release, and truth. The May 4th and 6th performances include The Ephyras, singer-dancers 7- to 13-years in age whose work is instilled by their activism in and passion for our social and political climates. Reaves has worked with these young people for several years. The VIP reception, which precedes the production’s premiere, features musical guests Mara Mayer and Jason Anastasoff.

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[ Performances 3-6 May 2018 at Gowanus Loft — “M {Xnha’We}” tickets here | “Self-Love Kinda Thing” tickets here ]

George Del Barrio