“The enormity of the challenge brings on feelings of grief, shock, denial, numbness & anger… It’s important to experience these completely, because it opens a space in the heart for love.

And when you love things, courage comes. And from courage, action.”



21 June 2019

Just after sending you the previous, I ran into this, a good summary of what “Extinction Rebellion” is doing and why they are doing it

We need to align ourselves with this partly because climate change is more popular and established than nuclear abolition, but also because humanity will not do anything about climate change until we get rid of nuclear weapons or at least raise our consciousness to the point where nuclear weapons and nuclear war are just out of the question. Tactics are shifting dramatically from competition to cooperation because all our problems require cooperation — but our leaders are all competitors who prefer to kill and even die rather than lose. We have to shift from winning to solving problems.

Hence, the Hibakusha Rebellion through revolutionary love. Our mission is to generate a massive nonviolent direct action movement that disrupts business as usual and demands action on nuclear weapons, inequality, social justice, mass incarceration, rule by gangsters, and climate change.

Again I am sending these things to get us communicating so we can be on the same wavelength by the time we get to Hiroshima…

- Steve

Clockwise from top left:  Rebecca Irby ,  Steve Leeper ,  DJ Spooky  &  George Del Barrio

Clockwise from top left: Rebecca Irby, Steve Leeper, DJ Spooky & George Del Barrio


1 August 2019

Arrival, Hiroshima

2-6 August 2019

“Hiroshima 2020” project space tours; 1-on-1 Hibakusha interviews by Rebecca Irby, Steve Leeper & Paul D. Miller with direction × cinematography by George Del Barrio; meetings with artists/activists/civil servants/investors; spontaneous collaborations with local organizations, institutions & project spaces; screening, seminar and conference appearances

4 August 2019


7 August 2019

“Hiroshima 2020” stakeholders meeting; departure, Hiroshima


Earnestly desiring the elimination of nuclear weapons without delay, we, the Hibakusha, call on all State Governments to conclude a treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. I, the undersigned, hereby support the Appeal of the Hibakusha


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